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Denture Care Package
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Nitradine Denture Cleaner Care Package

Denture Cleaner Care Package for cleaning all types of Dentures and other removable appliances. This package contains one box of 20 Nitradine tablets, a battery-powered Sonic Cleaner and a Denture Brush.

Nitradine Senior Denture Tablets

Nitradine Denture Tablets Cleaning & Disinfecting

Nitradine tablets are the universal choice for cleaning and safely disinfecting all types of removable dental appliances including acrylic dentures, metal chrome dentures and flexible dentures.

Recommended dosage: One tablet two times per week, in conjunction with the daily use of Nitradine Shine Removable Appliance Toothpaste.
Intensive treatment: Use the tablet initially every day for two weeks. After this two week period has elapsed, use two times per week as part of your cleansing routine.

Denture Brush

Available in white or blue featuring a large contoured handle for an easy grip.
The nylon bristles are cut for brushing the flat surfaces of your denture with a flip side for easy access cleaning in spaces between the teeth.

This denture brush is not suitable for cleaning Valplast dentures, please see Silicone Brushes for use with Flexible Dentures.

Sonic Denture Cleaner

It’s simple to use; place your appliance inside, add one Nitradine tablet to the water and press on/off switch to activate. Leave the dental appliance in the solution for at least 15 minutes when used with Nitradine tablets, then remove the appliance and rinse with water before placing back in the mouth.

The perfect solution for low maintenance denture care; you can drop your denture in the unit while you take a shower, cleaned and ready to pop back in for when you're finished.
This model is compact and discreet yet large enough to sanitise a full upper and lower set of dentures at the same time.
The Sonic Cleaner requires 2 AA batteries (Duracell Procell AA batteries optional extra @ £1.50 for two).
Maximum external dimensions : height 8cm x width 8cm x length 9cm

Why use a Sonic Cleaner?
A sonic cleaner uses high frequency sound waves to create tiny bubbles in water. This is used to thoroughly clean dentures through the bubbles dislodging and removing contaminants and food particles from areas of dentures that are otherwise difficult to clean. Combining this action with a suitable denture cleaner will greatly enhance the effectiveness of this process.

Nitradine Tablets Ingredients : Citric Acid, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Lactose Monohydrate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Hydrogen Monopersulfate, Sodium Carbonate, Peppermint Flavour, PVP.

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