Denture Standards ~ Private, Valplast & Independent

The health service is run on a very tight budget but provides dental treatment as a part of its service to the public. Each individual patient pays a contribution towards the overall cost.

An economy denture has to be made in the least costly way as the lower the cost of the treatment; the wider the budget can be stretched. The cheapest materials and the cheapest techniques are used but naturally, this reduces the overall quality of the appliance. Although a medical device is provided for the patient at a reduced cost, it is at a reduced standard.
To summarise, an economy denture will look, feel and function as plastic set of teeth.

A Private Denture is a denture funded entirely by the patient. Therefore it is the requirements of the patient and the quality of the product that are prioritised so that a much higher overall standard is provided.

Private Dentures

A private denture will represent existing dentition with more accuracy and functionality, blending with the rest of the patients facial features to return the natural smile and confidence of the wearer.

Cobalt Chrome Metal Denture

A warm and friendly smile can easily be taken for granted, unfortunately many people have lost this natural gift due to ill fitting and poorly made acrylic dentures.

Every time the denture wearer speaks or attempts to smile, they reveal these very noticeable lifeless plastic blocks to the world. It is even common for the denture to fit so loosely that it dislodges at the slightest movement in the mouth leading to embarrassing situations for the unfortunate patient. This inevitably leads to the denture wearer becoming extremely self conscious and reluctant to open their mouths. There are many physical ailments caused by poor fitting dentures, headaches and ulcers being amongst the most common.

This is not a compulsory stage in life if a patient requires dentures.

Returning the smile and confidence of the denture wearer is our priority.

Private Dentures

Private Dentures

Private dentures at Dental Aesthetics are made from the best quality denture materials available.
The base is constructed from an ultra high impact acrylic, giving the maximum resistance to wear and damage. The flange is contoured to replicate the patients existing tissue as above but also the internal areas of the denture are sculpted to further reflect the natural design and function of the mouth. Again, this is stippled to reflect light more naturally but in addition, the gingiva can be coloured and the flange shaded to further replicate natural aesthetics.
The teeth used are of the highest quality, with real depth, lifelike appearance and function. Each tooth is individually positioned to enhance and support facial features of the patient.

Private Valplast Dentures

Valplast flexible dentures can only be obtained from Valplast certified laboratories - Certification is your assurance of quality and technical knowledge from a Valplast Laboratory.
Dental Aesthetics is a certified Valplast laboratory, we have gone through the Valplast comprehensive, hands-on training and met all of the Valplast rigorous professional standards required. Visit our Valplast Denture Page for more information.

More Valplast images are availailable in our Image Gallery.

Independent Private Dentures

The denture base is made from high impact acrylic giving a good degree of resistance to wear and damage. It is contoured to replicate the patients existing tissue and stippled to reflect light in a more natural way. The teeth used are of high quality, providing more lifelike properties and a high resistance to wear.